Wynwood Walls – Miami, Fl.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Wynwood Walls in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami. If you’ve never been, it’s located north of Downtown, and is on the east side of I-95. Technically the northern border of the neighborhood is I-195, with the southern border being NW 20th St. There’s a super hip eatery at the southern end called Kush, which I wasn’t able to check out during this visit. No, the main reason for my visit was to check out the famed Wynwood Walls.

The Wynwood Walls are an outdoor exhibit space made up of graffiti art on the sides of buildings. In addition, throughout the neighborhood are more walls that have graffiti art on a huge scale. It’s an area that’s definitely been gentrified with new investment by local fashion companies, breweries, hip burger joints, and the like. The northern end of the neighborhood even has an urban infill development made up of a more urban Target, Foot Locker, and some other more typical suburban big box retailers.

Enough writing, check out some of the shots I took of the graffiti walls, and if you’re ever in Miami, close to Downtown, check out the neighborhood!


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