35mm // Roll One

Today marks a new chapter in NotoPhoto. The beginning of the transition from marketing as a wedding photographer to marketing just one thing: NotoPhoto. What is NotoPhoto then? NotoPhoto aims to be a website and blog about photography in general. The joys and adventures of a person who just enjoys taking photographs on his own terms. Whether it’s digital, film, video… high-end dslr’s, classic slr’s, plastic toy cameras… my hope is for readers to come to this page, or any of my other social outlets (Instagram), for enjoyment and to engage in content. You may be thinking… these pages are a dime a dozen. My response: yep, you’re right. Not only that, but there are probably thousands, if not millions, that will be better than mine. But, so what. It’s the internet. And most importantly, it’s a hobby. A fun one at that.

Will I still take paid gigs? For sure. I mean, how else am I supposed to support the hobby anyway? Video? You mean, like, YouTube? No, probably not. There are way better YouTube channel’s focused on the photography world that I will never be able to compete with. Plus, I mean, who wants to look at me on video? I can guarantee you I don’t. So without further ado….

Welcome to Roll One of my 35mm blog post series. In the last few months, I’ve been learning, and enjoying, how to use my dad’s late 1970’s/early 1980’s, Canon AE-1 film SLR. Originally purchased by my mom, for my dad, the camera hadn’t seen any action in close to 30 years. In fact, in the camera bag that had all of the goods included part of a Kodak Film package with the inscription “Develop Before 10/1984”. –Mind Blown– After I confirmed that the camera still indeed worked – which required buying a battery I had never heard of: 28L – I went out and purchased a box of four rolls of 400 speed FujiFilm (Superia Xtra). Literally the first time I ever purchased film for a camera that wasn’t one of those ridiculous disposable film cameras. After figuring out how to load it up, it was time to begin!

My first test subjects were my favorite test subjects for photography: our dogs. At first, what a weird experience. All manual everything… except the ISO of course. I didn’t want to use too much of the film as I wanted to preserve the remaining shots for the experience I had been waiting on for several years: the opening of the Orlando City soccer stadium. What an interesting experience that was as well. Shooting outdoors, using a higher aperture than what I typically like to use, max shutter speed of 1000… and most challenging of course, not being able to see the photo I had just taken. I learned to learn on the fly, and to be patient to see the results. What made it more anxiety ridden was also the fact that I wasn’t sure if any of the photos were going to come out. It was, after all, the first roll of film in over 30 years shot on the camera. Much to my relief, it was a great roll. All of the shots are below for your viewing. If you click on each image, you can see a larger version.

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