35MM // Roll Two

Welcome to Roll Two of the 35MM series. These images were captured on a Canon AE-1 with 400 speed Fuji Superia Xtra film. This roll was fully of our friends wedding at the Casa Feliz Historic Home in Winter Park, Florida. It was a good opportunity to capture low light, outdoors, and snazzy looking people all on one roll of film while at a purely awesome location. You’ll see a mix of friends getting ready for the wedding, goofy pre-ceremony shots, and some more formal couples shots. It’s still a bit of a learning process not having the immediate review of an LCD screen and trying to understand the light meter… finding the balance of backlight and subject lighting. On the whole, it was a good roll. I have two more rolls of Fuji film, but in the waiting are four rolls of Kodak Ultramax 400 speed, 36 exposures each! I also have a special roll for a super cool project I’ll be working on in about two weeks. Expect that post to pop up in about 4-6 weeks. It will be very exciting! Until then, enjoy Roll Two!