The home we moved into last summer is very close to a small family farm, the owners of which own a lot of property in the area that either is still farmland, or used to be farmland and is now developed. Since moving, we enjoy driving past the small farm looking at the cows and other animals while we drive into the more populated area of the city. Lately, I’ve noticed that some mornings there is vast amounts of fog that covers the farm in a very eerie way. It’s especially intense to see the sun rising from the east, casting a golden glow across the landscape. I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to run over there with my gear and take a series of photos highlighting not only the landscape but also the animals that roam it.

Today was unexpectedly that day.

There was a dense amount of fog across the land and the sun wasn’t really bursting through just yet, even though it was almost 8:00am. So I quickly grab my gear and jumped into the car for the extremely short ride to this farm. The cows seemed excited to see me, although I had no food for them. It didn’t take long for the male bulls to come riding over and try to either intimidate me or show that they wanted the food I didn’t have.

I had to work quickly because I wasn’t sure how long it would be before the sun to power thru and the fog dissipate. Lucky for me I was able to fire off not only close shots of the animals but also some rather neat wider view landscape shots. I only had my 70-200 lens with me that I recently purchased, so I didn’t have an opportunity get any legit wide-angle shots. I did also take some shots with the 50 mm lens on the AE-1 film camera, however since I have to get those developed it’ll be a couple weeks before I show those off.

Enjoy the post. I should have some more film shots to post about in a couple of weeks. Remember, you can click on any image to see the larger version.

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