35MM // Roll Three

Welcome to Roll Three of the 35MM series. These images were captured on a Canon AE-1 with 400 speed Fuji Superia Xtra film. This roll of film is a bit of a mish-mosh of different small events. The first few pictures are from the Seminole County Fair, which occurred at the end of March/beginning of April. I brought both my 5D Mark II DSLR along with the AE-1. I wanted to get both modern day long exposures and try my luck with film long exposure. The bigger test was pulling this off without a tripod. My favorite is the picture of the Thunderbolt ride. It’s not all that sharp, but I like the colors that were produced. The next batch of shots was during a little staycation we had out at the Disney resort. We made a quick stop in to Disney Springs, and played some mini-golf at the Fantasia Gardens area. The last few pictures are mainly local shots. There are a couple out of focus construction equipment shots, which was the first time I tried the telephoto lens (didn’t work that well), and some neat shots of Downtown Sanford – including a super cool bokehlicious shot of the inside of Buster’s Bistro, a great Belgian bar. The very last shot is pretty self explanatory: Mills 50 Dumpster Art 🙂 You’ll notice not all of the shots are super sharp, but I still like to share since it’s all an experiment and personal shooting.

This was the second to last roll of the Fuji Film. I have one more roll of that to share, then it’s on to the Kodak Ultramax 400 speed, 36 exposure film…. and an exclusively black and white roll! Can’t wait to share that.