35MM // Roll Four

Welcome to Roll Four of the 35MM series. These images were captured on a Canon AE-1 with 400 speed Kodak Ultramax film. It was a roll of 36 exposures… however, you are only seeing a small portion of what could have been *cry face*. Around the 18th exposure, the camera started messing up in a manner I wasn’t sure how to fix. The film would not advance upon winding, and when the shutter was pressed, nothing would happen. I’ve since fixed the issue, but at the time, I didn’t know how to deal with it and unfortunately, it didn’t fix itself until I had removed the unfinished roll of film from the camera. *Cry face* Moving on!

This roll features images from the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival. It was a great day at EPCOT, and since we went before May, it meant that the weather wasn’t completely horrible. I’ve added a couple of captions to some of the images to help tell the story of what I was trying to capture. Since it wasn’t a full roll, it was overall a bit of a let down. Especially since it was a roll of 36, the largest I had purchased at the time, and it was Kodak film (more cry face). I will say this though, the next three rolls I have to share are quite epic, so come back for those. Enjoy!

These guys were part of the band on the Germany pavilion. They were Facetiming with family and/or friends in their homeland. Was cool to watch.

The dark image above was taken in the Mexico ride. 400 speed film did not do the trick!

The band on the sidewalk was playing some cool tunes. I was in the shade when I took this, hence the horrible composition.

Our friend Kelsie, sadly out of focus. Still trying to get the hang of manual focusing!

This was the last image I captured before the “issue”. 😦

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