35MM // Roll Five

Welcome to Roll Five of the 35MM series. These images were captured on a Canon AE-1 with 400 speed Fuji Superia Xtra film. If you’ve been following the blog, you know that in Roll Four, I mentioned a camera issue I had whereby I couldn’t use the entire 36 exposures of the Kodak Ultramax film. As a result, for this roll, I went to my final roll of Fuji film, just to test the waters and make sure there wasn’t a larger issue I was missing. What I got was actually a pretty fun roll of film from a pretty fun afternoon. It was a Saturday, and we went to Downtown Sanford to the first ever WillowTree Cafe Germanfest. What made it extra cool was that our friend’s dad’s brass band was going to be playing german music all afternoon. It started out pretty great, everyone was enjoying themselves outside, the food and beer was flowing. But, then something else starting flowing… rain… and wind… and lightning. Well, as you can imagine, we had to retreat indoors pretty quickly.

After helping our friends out moving the band stuff indoors, and subsequently waiting 30 minutes for a table, the real fun began. We had a front row seat for the band, dancing, and our own shenanigans of course. So, lotta beer photos below. Oh, and to wrap up the roll, there are some cows. If you recall the Farmville blog post from mid-May, I also had the film camera with me to try out some alternative views. They came out pretty cool.

To wrap up, I don’t think I’ve ever given a proper shout out to the company that develops the film. It’s a cool joint in New Hampshire called Old School Photo Lab. I found them on Instagram when trying to determine where to go to develop film. It’s super convenient because I can sent the rolls via snail mail, free shipping, and they provide a weblink to download the digital images. They also utilize a smartphone app to download straight to the smart phone. So, if you’re thinking about shooting some film and don’t know who to use, check them out. Here is a direct link!