35MM // Roll Six

New York City. Black and White Photography. Those two things go together like macaroni and cheese… peanut butter and jelly… beer and pizza. You get the idea. Last month we made a short trip up to NYC, and for the trip, I bought my first roll of black and white film (Ilford HP5 Plus, 400 speed) for shooting on the Canon AE-1. I thought, what could be cooler than capturing the City on a film camera with black and white film? The City was made for that. And boy, the City did not disappoint. Below is a timeline of events that began around 9:30am on Thursday, May 18, 2017. Starting with an accidental double exposure from our hotel room window, continuing thru Chinatown, Little Italy, Chefs Counter Club, The Highline, Chelsea Market, the New Yorker Building, 30 Rock, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and finalizing with two shots at the “Top of the Rock” on Friday, May 19, 2017 around 11:00am. You’ll notice a couple of images of the NYPD with some press. May 18th was the day that a car hit multiple pedestrians in Times Square. The Police and press were as far back as our hotel, which was on 53rd Street. As I was walking to the Subway to go to B&H Photo, the Police were setting up a blockade to stop traffic and other travel from going south to Times Square. I snapped a couple of images for history sake.

I do hope you enjoy the set. It was my first attempt at film black and white, which honestly was much more fun than shooting digital, and then converting to black and white. I’ve already bought another roll of B&W film, and plan on shooting much more of it in the future!