35mm // Roll Seven

Presenting the next roll of film in my 35mm series… I’ve gone back from Black and White to a roll of 36 exposure Kodak Ultramax color film. It is another roll from our trip to NYC in May, specifically while I visited the Top of the Rock on our last day there. My goal for the roll was to shoot street photography style while capturing the iconic skyline. I knew there would be a lot of people taking pictures and meandering around, which would make for a perfect shooting experience. I tried to organize the photos in such a way where it focuses more on the architecture captured, and then move on to the people that were present.

What I didn’t really expect when I started capturing the people was realizing how different people take pictures these days. It was a mix of people using point and shoot cameras, smart phones, tablets (yuck), GoPro’s, selfie sticks (w/smart phones and GoPro’s), and DSLR’s. I have to admit, I’m pretty sure I was the only person using a film camera — 10 points to me! It made me wish I had more rolls of film to shoot, and more time because, man, what a cool book that would be! Images of the most iconic skyline in the US mixed in with people using all sorts of photographic tools, all captured by a 30-something year old film camera. Come to think of it, who wants to fund this idea? Haha. Maybe a $1000-$2000 investment to start? Flights, hotel, film, and a concept of the book? C’mon, step up people!

…only halfway kidding…

I’ll admit that my favorite photo of the entire trip is the last one in this series. The girl taking the selfie with the I Love NY shirt on… at first I liked the lady on the left in the image because she used a tablet and I thought that made the picture more interesting, but the more I’ve looked at it, I really don’t like that she’s in there. Oh well.

I hope you enjoy the set. This will likely be the last film set for a few weeks as I try to find interesting things to shoot on film here in Central Florida. Oh, don’t forget to consider funding my book idea… kidding of course… maybe… I am… not… kinda… sure.

Do it.

Honestly, do you think I should do the book? If you think I should consider the idea to the point of setting up a GoFundMe page, leave a comment below or send me a direct message. The more input I get, the better chance there is I actually consider it. Even better, if you leave a message and say you’ll help fund it, I’ll really, really consider it! 🙂

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