35mm // Roll Eight

Believe it or not, it’s been three months since my last 35mm film series post. It’s also been close to four months since I shot a fresh roll of film to put on the blog (I had really been stretching out the usefulness of the two rolls I shot in NYC). I do have some new shots though! This time taken from my newish Nikon F3 that I purchased a couple months back with a roll of 400 speed Kodak Ultramax film. I really wanted to test out the F3 because I hadn’t really gotten to shoot with it all that much since I purchased it over the summer. I did shoot a roll shortly after I bought it, but I messed up the rewinding, so, that was the end of that!

This series is from a short photowalk I did on a Saturday afternoon in Winter Park, in the area of Park Ave. My wife was at a yoga class nearby, so after I dropped her off I popped in my headphones and started strolling around. I wanted to get a couple new looks of the Ave., and surrounding area, so I included a couple of parking garage rooftop shots as well as some back alleyways. The nice thing about shooting with the F3, as opposed to the Canon AE-1, is that is has an aperture priority mode. That allowed me do a little less work in trying to get the right shutter speed, etc. Of course that meant a little less control on the final outcome, but, I do like how these came out.

Enjoy the set, and leave a comment below on where I should do the next walk!

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