Joe and Natalie’s Engagement Session – Winter Park, Florida

Yesterday was a treat. Sarah and I got to do something we haven’t done in about two years or more: work a session together. One of her friends/coworkers, Natalie, had gotten engaged last year to her fiancé, Joe, but hadn’t taken any engagement pics. They eventually decided to have some done, and asked us to shoot for them. It was also our first time out for a few hours in a couple months after having our boy, Luke. Thanks to grandma and grandpa for babysitting for us!

Joe, in classic blue with a great pair of brown oxfords, and Natalie, in an unmistakable orange dress, met us behind Park Avenue in Winter Park for their session. Natalie even brought along her hair stylist/makeup artist for a short time to make sure some of her first portraits were spot on.

There was a lot of activity happening along Park Avenue. Not only did they have the Farmers Market, but there was also a Trick or Treat event in the Park and in Rollins. Needless to say, we pretty much avoided those areas, which allowed us to shoot in some lesser known spots… or, at least some areas I hadn’t shot a couple before.

A couple months back while shooting a roll of film, I found a couple of neat spots adjacent to Park Avenue. My favorite of the bunch was in the Center Street alleyway at a little store front called Max and Marley. The facade had a neat metal finish to it, white doors, and some great landscaping. I knew at some point I wanted to shoot a couple in front of that store, and Joe and Natalie were perfect for that moment. The sun was in and out of the clouds, so we didn’t have a whole lot of time there, but it was just enough to get them in front of the store, and beside some of their great landscaping next to their entrance. It was a great start to the session.

After wandering around the alleyway and Center Street, we headed over to one of Sarah and I’s favorite places, the Alfond Inn. We intended just to take a few photos and move on, however we were all having such a good time chatting it up, that we ended up having a quick drink to recharge our batteries for the second part of their session. Joe had a great Halloween concoction, while Natalie helped introduce us to a refreshing vodka/pineapple juice/sprite mix. We enjoyed our drinks, incorporated them into a few unplanned photos, and then moved on to our next and final stop, Rollins.

When shooting at Rollins, there are a couple areas that you have to go to: the courtyard next to Knowles Memorial Chapel, the breezeway at Lyman Hall, and the vine wall in Cornell Hall. We did all three of those spots, and quickly realized that we were all pretty hungry. It was time to wrap up and enjoy some grub at Concina 214.

We won’t be shooting their wedding next year, but based on our great morning, it will probably be an awesome celebration with some great photos to accompany. Enjoy the set below!

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